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Photo by Mitchell Hollander

Upgrading gear is always a seductive action, but you need to do it with purpose unless you want to get broke in a week. Oh but that seems just like what camera companies want us to do right?

The best way there is for building the mindset that camera manufacturers don’t want you to have is to understand cameras and lenses as the beautiful tools they are. From there on, you’ll always make wise choices when it comes to upgrading or changing gear. …

Photography is usually seen as a hobby more than a discipline, and perhaps the major reason behind this is because it s a highly flexible thing to practice. It doesn’t really matter if you do it for money or for pleasure as long as you do it in a passionate way.

I remember taking up photography exactly in 2009 after a high creative necessity. I was studying Management (which I finished) but there was something ticking me, I needed to create stuff. I tried drawing, I sucked; I also tried making music, but it wasn’t quite my thing. Finally I…

Upon the question “is photography art?” I have to say that no, it isn’t. It is a discipline that can be mastered by passionate people in order to produce art, but it is not art by itself. Paraphrasing Mr. Harold Feinstein’s fine words on the very same topic, we can have a beautifully crafted paintbrush and make some hideous stuff with it. Also someone painting a house can do an excellent job with a rough brush due to the applied technique.

Another example that I like to give to my students is that anyone can use a pen, but a…

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Image by Paul A. Hernandez

Film photography came to my life after knowing several of the nuts and bolts of digital photography, at least at a serious level. When I was a kid I remember going with my parents to the lab and waiting for a couple of days in order to actually see the photos. I also remember their warnings (mostly yellings) about being careful of not leaving any fingerprint in the photos, so I always handled them with extreme care.

Even when living in the digital imagery age, film photography can still give us a lot of valuable experiences. …

Beyond making authors’ work recognizable, style is one of the most valuable assets any photographer can build. From a very personal standpoint, I think of style as a whole world which can be seen from a diverse range of perspectives. As a photography educator, it is beautiful to see how style starts to develop on my students. From the curatorial side of the game, it is extremely satisfying to see a photograph and say “that shot looks somewhat familiar, it reminds me of…” and yup, the name that I’m thinking of is sometimes the correct one. …

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Photo by Markus Spiske

Photography is extremely seductive for a lot of people around the world, it can be practiced at a professional level or as a very strong hobby. One of the biggest interests of all people who approach photography is to learn how to use a camera in manual mode. This feature empowers anyone to create extremely creative images beyond the “perfect” modes the camera figures out when shooting in Auto or Program. In photography, everything is about capturing light and today we are going to talk about one of the most complex features there is in exposure, Aperture.

Why Aperture is…

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Photo by pure julia on Unsplash

I’ve been cooking this idea since a long time ago; well, not that long honestly. It all started in 2017 when I studied a brief yet dense course on Curation imparted by An Paenhuysen. Here I learned among several curation related stuff about the existence of a term, the White Cube.

There has been some serious of deep thinking around the philosophy of the White Cube as a social scenario or a cultural product. But today I won’t dig deep into that, and I just want to talk about one thing. …

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Photo by Lindsay Moe

If we see photography as the most objective act of our human desire for making “ourselves known” and treasure memories to behold, then the Polaroid camera deserves a special place in its history. This day we want to talk a little about the history of Polaroid in photography.

On its Founder

Photography will always owe its existence to restless inventors and chemists who strongly persevere to reach their goals. The person behind the great invention that brought photography to a genuine state of immediacy was Edwin H. Land. Land decided to leave Harvard University at the age of 17 to…

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Photo by James Bold on Unsplash

I’ve generously talked about composition in the past, and there is a reason why. This is because I truly believe that composition is where the soul of any photograph resides. Learning how to expose with a camera is just as meritorious as learning how to drive or even to write. Anyone can take photographs, but not all photographs are meaningful.

Composition is a huge asset in photography, and there has been a lot said about rules and even recipes about composition. But there is something that goes beyond rules and universal laws, and we are talking about composition skills.


As an academic I always enjoy learning from reliable sources and what I consider to be authorities in a field. I’ve given my life to photography, my greatest passion and love, so basically I always connect stuff with photography. Learning about photography is one of the most pleasant things for me, and after 10 years of walking with my camera, there is a lot still left for me to know.

Among many other institutions, collectives and photographers, Magnum Photos has been a huge source of inspiration and knowledge for me. Approaching the end of 2018, they decided to launch a…

Federico Alegría

Scholar & Writer on Photography | PhD Student | Photographic Guidance

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