Upon the question “is photography art?” I have to say that no, it isn’t. It is a discipline that can be mastered by passionate people in order to produce art, but it is not art by itself. Paraphrasing Mr. Harold Feinstein’s fine words on the very same topic, we can have a beautifully crafted paintbrush and make some hideous stuff with it. Also someone painting a house can do an excellent job with a rough brush due to the applied technique.

Another example that I like to give to my students is that anyone can use a pen, but a very few will write compelling novels or poems with them. And my favorite example, anyone can learn to use a camera just as anyone can learn how to drive, the meaningful thing is what we do with our camera. …


Federico Alegría

Scholar & Writer on Photography | PhD Student | Photographic Guidance https://federicoalegria.com/guidance

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